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Futuristic architecture

Futuristic architecture

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Futuristic radical architecture is becoming more and more visible and diverse in our time, as modern architects have more opportunities to think unconventionally, to have different visions and ideas, to work on their self development, to refine and implement new ideas. We have presented only a small part of futuristic architecture in the article, but there are thousands of others!


Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology

This unique museum is located on the banks of the Tajo River in the Portuguese capital Lisbon and is a synthesis of art and new technologies in one space. The building has a wavy shape as the museum is located by the river. The goal of the architects of creating the structure was to be in harmony with its environment and that is why the building has a wavy shape.



Architect: Amanda Levet, ALA
Location: Belem, Lisbon


Shenzhen Tourist Information Center


The goal of the architects was to create comfort and freedom in one space. The building has a tourist information center of the city and also recreational zones where citizens can work and relax freely. The main feature of the building is its shape, which is divided into two parts, one part is light and airy, covered with glass, and the other is rough and solid using straight lines. For this reason, the building has won several architectural awards, including the Future Architecture Award.



Architect: Studio Pei Zhu
Location: Shenzhen, China


Harbin Opera House


When designing the building, the architects aimed to make the museum the cultural center. The Harbin Opera House was created in response to the unspoiled deserts of the northern city, the power, and the spirit of the cold climate. You will get the impression that the building is sculpted by wind and water. The building seamlessly merges with nature and topography - the real transfusion of local identity, art, and culture.




Architect: MAD Architects
Location: Harbin, China




There are luxurious houses and there is the Antilles. The building is considered to be one of the most valuable residential properties in the world. The total area is 37,000 square meters and has all the services that a luxury hotel has. The concept and design of a residential home have become very popular in India. The construction of this building is an architectural masterpiece, a 23-story 173-meter-long building consisting of open boxes of various sizes. The house is stained glass in different directions, which offers a variety of views to the occupants of the building and facilitates the inflow of natural light into the living space.

Architect: Perkins and Will
Location: Mumbai, India


Galaxy Soho Building


"Galaxy Soho" building is dedicated to the creation of office, retail and entertainment industries. Soho has become an integral part of Beijing's greatness. There are many different opinions and controversies around this huge building, but the fact that the building created by Zara Hadid and Patrick Schumacher has a radical architectural design remains unchanged. The project is characterized by four main domed buildings that are finally united in one space. Aesthetic design is surrounded by many bridges and unusually shaped floors, which evokes the association of water and at the same time leaves a feeling of calm and space.



Architects: Zara Hadid, Patrick Schumacher
Location: Beijing, China


The wave

In a country whose territory is mostly plain, there is a natural need to create an uncharacteristic landscape with human intervention, which was one of the sources of inspiration for the Vejle fjord when it decided to build a residential complex. The building is located in a small town in Denmark and is distinguished by a different architecture. Despite its modest location, it has won worldwide recognition and numerous prizes.



Architect: Henning Larsen
Location: Weil, Denmark


Hotel Morpheus


Hotel Morpheus has all the desired services that the customer can imagine, and all its fundamental value is associated with luxury. The 150,000 square-foot building has become a landmark for tourists and a place where they can have a unique experience. The hotel is located in Macau. The project itself and its construction were also radical, using innovative engineering and formal agreement. It is designed as a monolithic block, the structure of which is a breakthrough - emptiness and this makes the hotel an excellent example of modern futurism.



Architect: Architecture Leigh & Orange
Location: Macau, China