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Tech Innovations in Construction

Tech Innovations in Construction

Category: Construction

Construction innovations are advancing day to day and companies are investing in technology more and more. These investments have a huge payoff - higher efficiency and safety and improved schedules.


With help of technology, the construction industry is changing rapidly and becoming more efficient. Here are some of the innovations shaping the future of the industry:


1. AI

Workflows and schedules in this industry are developed manually, by hand. And because of the complexity of work, the cases of lost information are frequent, which causes decreased efficiency.


Three areas where AI is helping to optimize are: communications, data and transparency. Some softwares already manage some of the core construction documents and ensure safety protocols. Identifying and managing these unforeseen risks quickly helps the efficiency without hurting profitability - consulting companies forecast AI to raise industry profits by 2035 by 70%.


2. Workforce and Resource management softwares

Managing resources and workforce amount to huge expenses for a company. Efficient management helps companies to run operations quicker, allocate resources and avoid unforeseen expenses and delays.


Big or small construction companies use resource management software that helps them optimize the process of dynamic planning, for example, allocating the right amount of workforce to the right project at the right time.


3. 3D Printing

3D printing has been used in construction for several years now. Now it is becoming industry standard rather than an add-on.


There is already a factory of 3D printing concrete elements and a 3D printed bridge in Europe. This technology allows industry to operate with less expenses, smoothly and flexibly than with conventional methods.


4. Virtual Reality

This technology innovation offers a full digitalization of a process to the companies, which have cross-disciplinary departments working together on a construction project. Architects, engineers and construction teams can work on projects remotely - develop concepts in digital world, share drafts with clients and receive feedback for the future iteration.