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4 Pro Tips for Fireplace Design

4 Pro Tips for Fireplace Design

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A fireplace has a natural ability to make a room look and feel warm and sophisticated. However, with a few additional touches a fireplace can be transformed into an elegant masterpiece — enhancing your winter experience.


1. Spatial Layout*zp_0eHrkS01frgkH8e21Kg.jpeg


Bring your attention to the space above, below, and in front of your fireplace. Placing objects on the mantel brings beauty and fills in the empty space. Mirrors above the mantel are an excellent option, as they are easily found in a variety of sizes. One can also use a mirror’s reflection to further enhance the area of the fireplace. Notice that in the photo above, the mirror reflects the chandelier which adds to the elegant feel of the room.



Contemporary design embraces clean and simple. To add character without adding too much to a simple room, a splash of color often accomplishes that effect. A colorful painting can be displayed, adding as much personality as needed, to the interior of a contemporary home.



The top part of the fireplace is not the only area that can support decorative touches. If your design is similar to the one above, the hearth is the part to work with. As you can see, the beautiful marble does not need much added to it, just a few elements to personalize the area. The darker hues have created a fantastic contrast to the brighter, reflective materials such as the marble.


2. Statement Pieces



When disturbing the geometrical symmetry of a room with curves, our eyesight becomes intrigued. The photo above is a tremendous example of how to incorporate different shaped decor around the fireplace while still maintaining a sense of balance. The round shaped mirror brings a playful mood to the room while beautifully contradicting the strict lines of the fireplace and art frames. Whether the preferred style is minimalist, contemporary, classic, or modern, incorporating a statement piece will further bring focus to the fireplace.


3. Personalize



Intimacy is what everyone searches for in their home, so decorate with this in mind and watch a simple fireplace transform into your fireplace. Surround a floor-to-ceiling fireplace with shelves on each side, and then use them to display personal belongings that will put your signature on the design. Anything from framed pictures to family heirlooms will bring as much warmth to the room as the fireplace itself.


4. Minimize



Sometimes accessorizing is unnecessary. Modern designs are created with not only functionality in mind, but also style. Avoid forcing decor on designs that can stand alone. Allow your furniture to serve as the primary decorative touches. In the example above, the chair’s design along with the flowers add a perfect touch to the minimalist setting.