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Wooden Ceiling in the Interior

Wooden Ceiling in the Interior

Category: Design

Interior design trends are changing quite fast. What used to be very popular in previous years, for example in the case of ceilings, multi-level and complex constructions of plasterboard, no longer corresponds to the concept of "modern renovation" (or "Euro-renovation" as it was often called). The question arises, what kind of ceiling should be made to make it modern and not go out of fashion soon? We suggest you to choose the current trend - wood ceiling texture. It is true that making a wooden ceiling will be relatively expensive, but the interior will acquire a luxurious look, and ecologically clean wood material will serve you for a long time. However, it also offers more budget options: MDF material will cost you less than natural wood.



Tips before starting ceiling work:


  • Specific interior designs, such as country, loft, contemporaneous, etc., include the use of wood texture, although it is less suitable for classic, art deco, high-tech.


  • When making a choice for a wooden ceiling, try to use this material in a balanced way in relation to other surfaces in the room (floor, wall panels, plinths, furniture, etc.) and do not overload the interior. It will be good if you combine wooden ceilings and floors with plain, painted walls and light furniture.


  • In order for the wooden ceiling to blend harmoniously with the atmosphere of the house, it is desirable that the room has a high ceiling (at least 3 meters). This is a necessary requirement for the so-called wood. In case of making "bulks".


  • You can not completely load the ceiling with wood and use it only in separate areas (for example, kitchen, island, or sofa area).


  • Choose in favor of light-colored wood material to make the interior brighter and more cozy. To create a contrast, choose a floor color 1-2 shades darker, and the walls - light, neutral colors.


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